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For the last year or two, I had been having recurring injuries in my left leg.

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My name is Alastair and I moved to Barcelona almost 5 years ago from the UK.(calf, hamstring) and was unsure what was causing the problem. On top of that, every Sunday waking up after a match the previous day, my lower back and hips felt really stiff and being in my early 30´s I thought that this wasn´t right. I looked then into potential solutions and my masseur recommended Daryn as she was a client at the same time and still is to this day.

I visited with a bit of apprehension and was unsure what to expect. After being sent for some x-rays and receiving a middle of the range CoreScore I was straight into 3 sessions a week for amonth and then to 2 from that point on. I was told I had an imbalance which meant I was putting 10kg more weight on my left hand side which was contributing to my recurring muscle injuries. A full 18 month plan was drafted to show the evolution of the adjustments and where Daryn wanted me to get to.

Now as a write this after a year of treatment and at the end of my current plan, I stood on the scales with an even weight distribution. More so, since my first visit I have not had another muscle injury whatsoever and I am able to feel mobile on a Sunday after a match. If anyone says chiropractic treatment is not something for them, I would urge them to reconsider.alastair

Alastair Gordon